hey, everyone

i am happy you somehow made it to this page, considering the absurd multitude of forces currently trying to vampire your attention. from here forward, i plan to put all my creative projects on this site so that the virtual version of the bag of meat & sentience i call Matthew Sherling has a place to reside. look out for books, art, music, interviews, & random blog posts. 


in 2007, i realized i wanted to write poetry. in 2010, i moved to SF to pursue that & met a buncha writers that were funny, bold, & willing to disrupt expectations. they made me wanna write better. i published my first book of poems in 2014 (Bring Me My Absolute Surrender). it's out of print, but you can find the ebook here, where you can also find my new print book, Maybe We're Here to Talk to Each Other. now i live in LA teaching English comp, tutoring, hosting a series at Book Show in Highland Park, & co-hosting the podcast Who Do You Think You Are?