since 2012, jason schenheit & i have been putting out online editions of our poetry magazine, gesture. this project's always been a way for me to take advantage of my obsession with curating & to solicit/read/showcase writing from writers who are doing fresh things. this year we've released a print issue (i think you'll love it, tbh) with prose & poetry from the following writers: 

lydia davis

michael heald

edward mullany

guillaume morissette

adam robinson

daniel daws

jeremy hight

oliver mol

scott mcclanahan

mike young

kimmy walters

chuck young

eva mckenna

jamie j mortara

leah clancy

oscar bruno d'artois

james ganas

manuel arturo abreu

theron jacobs

daniel bailey

stephanie m barber

rachel bell

justin etc

ben noel

jakob maier

zachary cosby

sb stokes

evan leed

carabella sands

rosmarie waldrop

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